Tremblant Capital's First ETF Has Global Focus | ETF Trends

On Friday, investment firm Tremblant Capital made its debut in the ETF space with the launch of the Tremblant Global ETF (TOGA).

The fund has a net expense ratio of 0.69% and is actively managed. It is benchmarked to the MSCI World Index.

TOGA primarily aims to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation. It  invests in equity securities of a variety of sizes, but primarily focuses assets toward mid- and large-cap companies.

Global Exposure

Investing in the fund provides investor exposure to a wide variety of developed countries across the world, including the U.S. In seeking global exposure, some of the fund’s assets are allocated toward securities that are based in, or at least economically tied to, countries outside the U.S.

However, TOGA also invests in companies linked to or located in at least three different countries, including the U.S.  Additionally, some assets may be allocated toward companies located or operating in emerging markets.

The fund seeks to invest in companies that either have long-term growth potential or are undergoing disruptive change. While evaluating investments, TOGA applies a bottom-up fundamental analysis. In seeking long-term value, assets generally stay held longer to provide potential returns over time.

“TOGA is an important milestone in the continued evolution of our firm as it combines Tremblant’s 23 years of experience investing our clients’ capital with the tax advantages and innovation of an ETF,” noted Tremblant Chairman and CIO Brett Barakett. “We believe this ETF provides investors with important benefits in that it increases the power of compounding through its tax efficiency, while offering liquidity, transparency, and ease of use.”

The senior investment team behind Tremblant Capital possesses extensive experience in navigating market cycles. Tremblant added that Barakett and the firm’s four senior investment partners have worked side-by-side for nearly 20 years.

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