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Last month, Exchange cemented itself as the most important advisor conference in the world. Advisors flocked to Miami Beach in record numbers to hear speakers like Ian Bremmer, Dr. David Kelly, and Rodney Mullen, to connect, and to give back to the community.  

VettaFi was chatting with attendees and collecting data, and here’s what advisors had to say about their Exchange 2023 experience.  

86% of Attendees Would Recommend the Conference to a Friend or Colleague 

A whopping 86% of surveyed advisors indicated they would recommend Exchange to colleagues, and +90% rated the event as “good” or better.  

“It was a first-class event. Great content, execution, and networking,” Rob Aikins, VP, financial advisor, Merrill Lynch WM, said on Twitter 

These numbers are especially impressive in the context of a world that is still dealing with pandemic times, although more and more people are being presented with an array of events competing for attention. As Exchange approaches its third year, it has established itself as a can’t-miss opportunity for advisors. 

Exchange Provided Just the Right Amount of Content 

Over 86% of attendees indicated that the three-day conference was just the right length, providing ample opportunities for networking and enough content to generate ideas, but not so much as to overwhelm or leave people feeling burned out.  

With a host of exceptional speakers and industry leaders, such as Vanguard’s Tim Buckley, Exchange featured can’t-miss content and numerous learning opportunities. Advisors found plenty to love in sessions such as Vance Barse’s primer of high net worth clients and VettaFi financial futurist Dave Nadig’s meaty Future of Finance panel. John Lomba of Florida Wealth Planning Group said, “The brain power and innovation on display was inspiring.”  

Advisors told VettaFi what topics they want to see more of in future events — information which will be leveraged when planning next year’s event. Over 50% indicated eagerness to hear more about market outlooks and about portfolio construction, with nearly 46% interested in sharpening the tools in their financial advisor toolkit. 

“It was such a privilege to learn from some of the greats in the industry, but it was even better to be able to have earnest discussions with them about our humble shop. So much knowledge and inspiration in one place, it was an amazing experience,” Barry C. Wheeles of Sound Income Strategies shared on LinkedIn.  

Networking Opportunities Are Important to Advisors  

Networking seems to be just as important as content for advisors — and Exchange provided ample opportunities to do so. With opportunities for happy hours, generous lunch periods, and breaks built for forging connections, Exchange enabled and encouraged relationship building. 

“I wanted to let you know that I had a great time at the exchange conference and might have some new collaborative relationships. Thank you and looking forward to attending again next year,” said Chris Nalley, Scale Advisory Group.

Advisors Welcomed the Opportunity to Give Back 

Attendees volunteered +130 hours and contributed over $50,000 to the Komen Foundation, Surfrider Foundation, and Junior Achievement. These staggering numbers showed that VettaFi is leading the way in its mission to transform financial services from an industry into community. Despite long nights and early mornings, attendees were eager to carve out the time and energy needed to give back and nurture important causes. 

Exchange Left Advisors Hungry for More 

Fortunately, Exchange 2024 is already in the works and positioning itself to iterate on an already-legendary ETF event. We’re taking in the top reasons why advisors attend Exchange — networking opportunities, content, keynote speakers, and CE credits — to build an experience for advisors.  

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VanEck put it best on LinkedIn: “Woof woof! What an Exchange: An ETF Experience it was! ETFs, puppies, knowledge bombs being dropped, Twitter fun, industry guru chats, community bonding, and the Miami sunshine. All the makings of a paw-some time. Big thanks for the memories, can’t wait until next year.”  

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