Tom Lydon and Douglas Yones Talk Exchange on the NYSE Floor

VettaFi vice chair Tom Lydon appeared with NYSE’s Douglas Yones live on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to discuss the upcoming Exchange conference in Miami Beach, Florida, February 5th-8th.

With the Exchange conference rapidly approaching, Lydon shared that it would feature “more content, more advisors than ever.” Given the huge year in the ETF space, Lydon contextualized by noting that, “coming in the back of ‘22 we had $630 billion dollars in new flows coming in, we had more new ETFs than ever – a record 437 new.”

Yones concurred, highlighting that despite the challenging markets that saw both equities and bonds tumble overall, ETF’s continued grow. A remarkable feat amid the often choppy and uneven markets that plagued 2022.

Exchange is positioned to be the biggest conference of the year in the ETF space, inspiring Yones to ask Lydon what trends VettaFi is watching and what subjects might come up in the conference. Lydon responded, “advisors are really looking for strategy. Most importantly we are going to be dominating the stage with strategy ideas, portfolio construction, the future of finance. We’re going to have the top people in the ETF space there.”

With a huge presence from not only industry leaders but financial advisors as well, Exchange is positioned to be a critical networking event for anyone in the ETF business. It is also poised to be a crucial information and strategy hub that can help financial professionals stay ahead of the curve as the markets grapple with the hangovers of 2022 and the possibilities that 2023 presents.

Advisors and others that are looking to register can do so here.

To learn more about the event and register, please visit the Exchange website.

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