Meet an Advisor: Harrison Quinn at Exchange | ETF Trends

HDQ Wealth’s Harrison Quinn was interviewed at Exchange. “I’ve been to a handful of conferences and they are fine, but as you can hear around us and see [all] the people it’s loud, it’s very collaborative, people are chatting, there’s a lot of forward-thinking people,” Quinn said. He continued, “absolutely one of my favorite conferences. Looking forward to next year already.”

Quinn also applauded several of the panels he attended, which included Dave Nadig’s Future of Finance panel and other panels that allowed for smaller practices to plug into what thought leaders are contemplating.

Eyes on the Prize

When asked what investors are not paying attention to, Quinn pointed to the opportunities in the market that could be buried under all the bad news and uncertainty. “Blue chip stocks are still at a massive discount, and fear of the volatility is keeping people away from those opportunities,” he offered.

Technology, and particularly disruptive tech, is one place where Quinn thinks there could be a lot of upside. “Being a younger advisor in the market, I see that as an opportunity for us.”

The Mighty Clients of Quinn

When asked what he was most proud of about his practice in 2022, Quinn pointed to his clients, who he says managed to weather the rough markets stoically. “I didn’t get many calls, scared texts, or emails,” he said. Quinn noted the importance of keeping emotions at bay and remaining levelheaded. Rattled investors are more likely to make bad, emotional decisions instead of sticking to a well-thought-out strategy. “The frenzy sells, so try not to be swayed by that.”

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