Kristoffer Doura Discussions Succession and Legacy at Exchange

1847 Financial Planning’s Kristoffer Doura was interviewed at the Exchange conference last February. He discussed his journey as a financial advisor.

From Injured Athlete to Succession Planning Expert

“Very happy to be here at Exchange. I am a retired professional athlete. 6’7”, 87 inch wingspan offensive lineman who had to exit the professional sports business after facing some pretty bad trauma,” said Doura. “Today I’m an investment advisor.”

After a career pivot into becoming a financial advisor, Doura shared that his expertise now lies in helping business owners with succession planning. Helping business owners scale their businesses and plan for end-of-career transition has been a key part of his practice: “In addition, I serve ultra high net worth individuals with their estate planning.”

Doura’s Big 2023

In 2023. Doura published his Wall Street Journal best selling book, “Let’s Get It! 10 Keys to Building Your Nonprofit to Maximum Impact.” As a succession expert, thinking about legacy is important to him. Doura’s book aims to help business owners build nonprofits that can be successful at leaving a positive impact in the world.

Doura on Exchange

“What I am looking for here at Exchange is the networking aspect,” he said. Like many, he was drawn to the conference due to its unparalleled networking opportunities with an array of financial services professionals. The conference gives advisors access to other financial advisors as well as issuers and solution providers.

“Exchange is an amazing event — being able to bring so many platforms all together. That’s really the value for me,” Doura added.

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