Jason Pereira Join an Exciting Roster of Exchange Keynotes

Exchange is thrilled to announce Jason Pereira is joining its lineup of keynote speakers. He will bring his expertise to Miami Beach in February, strengthening Exchange’s roster of keynote speakers. 

Pereira Is an Unparalleled Thought Leader 

A senior partner and financial planner with Woodgate Financial, Pereira has a storied finance career. He writes  the Wisdom of Wealth Management blog and is a prolific podcaster and public speaker. His podcast, Fintech Impact, is an exploration of the fintech world, where he interviews fintech entrepreneurs about their stories, what they do, and what their impact is on consumers, incumbents, and the industry as a whole. Pereira’s keynote address will focus on artificial intelligence. 

AI Insight From a Fintech Expert 

Artificial intelligence is potentially the most transformative technology since the internet. Its capacity to change the financial services industry is tremendous. But for advisors, there are many questions around AI. Is it a threat, or an opportunity? In what ways will AI change the nature of the job? How can advisors evolve and stay relevant as this technology begins to transform everything? 

Appropriately, Pereira’s podcast speaks to all corners of fintech, making him well-suited to discuss AI’s place in financial services. Financial services historically move slowly to adapt to new technologies. Subsequently, venture capitalists have made fintech one of the highest-funded sectors in the world. The potential for artificial intelligence to disrupt is monumental, and as a financial advisor, Pereira is the ideal thought leader to unpack this important topic for advisors. 

Pereira’s Accomplishments 

Pereira brings with him an array of accolades and accomplishments. He has two degrees, nine professional designations, has won over 30 industry awards, and produced numerous articles, podcasts, and interviews.

Advisors looking to stay relevant in the years to come will benefit from his insight and learnings. 

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