Income and DWS’ Amanda Rebello

Amanda Rebello, head of Xtrackers sales U.S onshore at DWS, told NYSE’s Judy Shaw at Exchange 2023 that for investors, income “has been relevant for the last couple of months and continues to be relevant.”

“Equities need to work much harder just in light of the extra risk that we’re taking,” Rebello said. “So, [we’re] really thinking about where we can drive equity income but in a very considered, sustainable way.”

With that in mind, Rebello cited two ETFs that she thought could help investors gain income. The first one was the Xtrackers MSCI EAFE High Dividend Yield Equity ETF (HDEF).

“I really like this one because it’s capturing international equities, which typically yield more than U.S. equities,” she said.

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HDEF tracks an MSCI Index, which aims to provide high dividend yield on international equities. At the time Rebello spoke with “ETF Leaders, Powered by the New York Stock Exchange,” HDEF yielded 5.2%.

“So, quite juicy versus what you’re able to get in the broader market,” Rebello added.

For investors with a “home bias” toward U.S. equities, Rebello recommended the Xtrackers S&P ESG Dividend Aristocrats ETF (SNPD). SNPD provides exposure to U.S. equity investment styles with ESG-screened U.S. dividend-oriented equities.

At the time of the interview, SNPD was yielding about 2.7%, “about 1% higher than just the normal S&P 500,” Rebello said.

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