You might be a seasoned veteran of ETF conferences, but you’ve never been to one that’s quite like Exchange. Taking place April 11–14, 2022, Exchange is primed to redefine what a conference can be.

Here are five things that are going to set Exchange apart.

  1. No Panels. Seriously. The last thing you probably want to do is sit through a poorly-moderated panel discussion. There are more exciting ways to deliver the insights and knowledge from industry experts, so Exchange scraps panels completely in favor of keynotes, interviews, live podcast discussions, debates, and so much more. These livelier formats are certain to spark the imagination and generate big ideas.
  2. Live Debates — With Teeth. Debates are usually frowned upon because the average conference doesn’t like to showcase conflict, as it makes sponsors uneasy. Exchange isn’t for sponsors, though — it’s for advisors. We recognize the value of getting two experts with strong convictions in the same place at the same time and letting them go head-to-head on a critically important topic. Grab the popcorn. We’re not afraid to turn up the heat.
  3. Keynotes… Followed by Closed-Door Q&A. A phenomenal keynote speech can electrify an audience, leaving them wanting more. At Exchange, you can have more. Our keynote speeches will be followed by intimate, closed-door Q&A sessions that will give you valuable face time with thought leaders and an opportunity to bring your questions directly to the brightest minds in the field.
  4. Big Ideas, Clearly Articulated. There will be no phoning it in for keynotes at Exchange. Every keynote speaker will have their session structured around one big, actionable idea. These ideas will be captured on a single slide that will serve as a map for each talk — and you won’t be left without a compass.
  5. We’ll Take Notes For You. Taking notes can sometimes take you out of the moment and cause you to miss key information, or that single detail that might spark a big innovative thought for you. We’ve got you covered. Exchange is hiring visual artists to create detailed, graphics-heavy notes for every session. You’ll have them sent to you immediately when a session concludes. So sit back and let your brain fully engage without having to worry about jotting down notes — we’ve got you covered.

Exchange is a new large-scale experience destined to be the most important annual gathering for the advisory community and the ETF industry at large. For more information, or to register for Exchange, visit

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