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Podcasts have taken the finance world by storm because they are an incredibly flexible content wrapper. They can be anything from dense deep dives or quick hits, they can share multiple viewpoints simultaneously through unique guests and large panels, or they can reflect one individual’s considered view on a given topic.

Though listening to a podcast while working out or doing the dishes has its place, there’s few experiences quite like witnessing the podcast sausage get made live. Fortunately, Exchange will continue its tradition of live podcasts and feature some of the most groundbreaking, thought-provoking finance podcasts out there. Here are three of the many podcasts that will be recording live at Miami Beach in February. Start loading up their libraries in advance!

“ETF Prime”

The ETF Store’s Nate Geraci has spent over 12 years building one of the most reliable, informative podcasts out there in “ETF Prime.” He brings in an impressive array of guests, usually recording multiple one-on-one segments. One of Geraci’s strengths as a host is his ability to maintain a distinct voice all his own while also being open and comfortable with the range of ideas and philosophies in his guests.

“The Black Swans”

The financial services industry has a number of amazing women who rarely get a chance to be showcased. Shana Sissel and Suzanne Lundeen Abrams have just the show to remedy that. With their stated goals of discussing important topics with subject matter experts who just happen to be women, “The Black Swans” aims to focus less on the obstacles of being a woman in finance and more on the opportunities, inspiring a more diverse financial services community.

“Flirting With Models”

Corey Hoffstein is more than just an excellent Twitter follow — his podcast “Flirting with Models” goes deep into the technical weeds with investors who research, design, develop, and manage quantitative investment strategies. At last year’s Exchange, Hoffstein and guest Michael Green, chief strategist at Simplify, lit up the podcast room in wide-ranging discussion.

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