ETF Trends’ editor-in-chief Lara Crigger sits down with KraneShares’ Luke Oliver for this edition of “ETF Leaders Powered by the NYSE.”

Oliver discusses KraneShares’ suite of climate-focused products, most notably the Kraneshares Global Carbon Strategy ETF (KRBN) and the Kraneshares Global Carbon Transformation ETF (KGHG). He sees these products as being two sides of the same coin. One is long on carbon, and the other is long on equities that will lead the transition to a more climate-friendly world.

“Not only are we seeing a huge thematic trend towards impact, towards green investments — these two particular exposures — the price of carbon and these companies that are not necessarily the cleanest companies but the companies that need to transform the most, they have the potential to break out and be completely uncorrelated to economic cycles,” Oliver notes.

Who Wants In On Carbon?

Oliver sees interest in these products from both retail and institutional investors, saying, “I’ve never in 20 years had so many family offices calling us.”

The case for climate-driven global economic changes grows increasingly more urgent by the day, and Oliver sees continued interest in these outside-of-the-box products.

“These climate solutions, this move toward transformation of the global economy, that’s where institution and family officers have really picked up on this. And I think retail and the intermediaries — advisors, RIAs, I think they follow through that, and we’re starting to see that now.”

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