4 Reasons Seeing the Big Game at Exchange is the Best Play

Exchange kicks off the same day as the most important game in American sports — the Super Bowl. Here are the four main reasons you’re better off seeing the game at Exchange than anywhere else. 

Exchange Will Be Hosting a Party for the Ages 

Many people enjoy seeing the game from the comfort of their living room. They like having wings and adult beverages of choice on hand. Accordingly, the idea of traveling somewhere for the game is met with skepticism.  

But Exchange isn’t simply “somewhere.” The big game will be the centerpiece for the huge party Sunday night at LIV, one of the hottest clubs in Miami. Even putting aside the pure joy of seeing LVIII at a venue called LIV, this is set to be a once in a lifetime Super Bowl party.

Your couch will be waiting for you at LIV. Being able to see a legendary game at a legendary venue is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Plus, you don’t have be without wings. Exchange will provide the big game staples and a next-level venue. All you need to do is show up. 

Mix Business With Pleasure 

Because the financial services community will be present, the other attendees at the party will be people you want to connect with. Additionally, the game will give you a reason to initiate conversation. Adages about not mixing business and pleasure fail to realize that the two can complement each other. 

Conferences can feel high-stakes, but having one kick off with a game makes the ice-breaking easy. 

Access Everything Else Exchange Has to Offer 

Another huge reason for seeing the game at LIV is that after the game, you get Exchange. With networking opportunities and access to industry experts, Exchange is a conference you can’t afford to miss. The keynote speakers alone are worth the trip to Florida, and then on top of that, you have professional development opportunities and a beautiful venue to get business done. 

Use the Cultural Touchstone to Connect Further 

One of the big reasons to see the game with the rest of the financial services industry is it’s a cultural touchstone. The game matters because almost everyone participates. Having the experience of seeing it with the people in your industry in the same place isn’t just an icebreaker for the event. You can refer back to it for years to come. Long down the road, you and the person who might be in a position to help you grow your practice can connect over the shared experience. 

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