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More than ever, advisors need to seek out innovative solutions to the problems that plague the broader markets and find new ways to connect to their clients. A recent Ycharts survey showed that a whopping 88.2% of clients factor in not only how frequently an advisor communicates but also an advisor’s communication style when considering whether or not to retain them.

With Exchange just a few weeks away, advisors will have a unique opportunity to sharpen their client communication toolkit. Here are four sessions that can help advisors connect to their clients.

Storytelling For Advisors

Shaping Wealth’s Brian Portnoy is primed to deliver a masterclass on advisor-client connection with his Storytelling for Advisors session. Humans aren’t calculators, but storytellers. As wealth managers, it is easy to forget that while numbers can confound us, stories can define us. Portnoy will walk through the science and craft of storytelling, and how advisors can use it to improve their client connection.

The Future of Finance

VettaFi’s Dave Nadig will be walking attendees of his Future of Finance block through the interconnecting challenges facing clients today. As political extremism, climate change, and hot wars create instability, the traditional forces that mitigate global problems – governments, corporations, and universities – have accrued high levels of distrust. Meanwhile, technological disruptions abound. Any advisor who wants to be able to assuage the fears of their clients needs to have a strong grasp of the numerous, interconnecting issues facing the world.

TikTok For Warren Buffet? How To Educate Across the Generations

This TED Talks-style presentation from writer, video creator, podcaster, and economic expert Kyla Scanlon will provide tips and education on how to find the best tools for your audience. As different generations begin to claim their piece of the economic pie, it is more vital than ever that advisors understand how to approach clients of any age.

Life, Money, Balance

On the podcast stage, Dr. Preston Cherry will do a live recording of his show Life, Money, Balance. Dr. Cherry blends psychology and finance to dig into personal topics to help listeners find a way to “let your life lead your money, not your money lead your life.”

How to Register For Exchange 2023

Advisors and others that are looking to register can do so here.

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