The ETF Conference; Seeing the Light At The End of the Tunnel

Feeling “Zoomed” out? Me too. I’m dying to have a steak dinner with friends. Never thought I’d say it, but I long for a time when I can walk into a hotel lobby bar and buy a drink for industry friends. Forget about shaking hands; I want to hug people again. You know what I mean?

If you’re feeling the same, relief is in sight! We’re pulling the best of the best of the advisory and ETF business together to offer a conference experience that is just what the doctor ordered. Here’s what you can expect from Exchange – An ETF ExperienceApril 11–14, 2022 at the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach

First, We’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do

If you’re an ETF-centric financial advisor or part of the ETF industry, you know that even though we’re a $5.5 trillion industry, we’re still a small, close group. Sure there’s friendly competition, but we’re friends and we feel a deep responsibility for the industry that we’ve all had a part of building. Exchange will allow us to analyze what’s been happening in markets, strategies and tools while we’ve been apart and help set the tone for where we’re going in the future. You’re a part of this business. You have a voice, and we want to see you there, and hear what you have to say. 

Cutting-Edge Content; Current Investment Strategy and Portfolio Construction

Look for financial advisor led discussions with advisors on stage. The post-Covid market environment is going to bring its fair share of good news and investment challenges. How do we best tackle this low rate environment? Is inflation real? Is active better positioned than passive, and who has the right strategies? Where are the opportunities overseas? Are small and mid-cap equities finally going to revert to the mean? Also, learn about the latest alternative strategies including crypto’s newest tools. By 2022 the ETF industry will have more creative ETFs than ever that you’ll want to hear about. 

To top things off, you won’t just be listening to a bunch of panels, you’re gonna hear from the Big Idea people — the best of Wall Street who are changing the game.

Chock Full of Advisors 

Advisors tell us they get as much from talking with other advisors about investment strategy as they do from conducting their own due diligence. In addition to the dynamic content lineup,we’re building many interactive and social experiences for attendees. ETF-centric advisors, advisors with models, ETF strategists, institutional managers, family offices…something for everyone.  And yes, steak dinners. And yes, I’m buying you a drink in the lobby bar. 

Media and Tech Like Never Before

You’ve stepped up your technology and media game during Covid. If you’re going to a conference, you’d expect the same. Interactive technology will allow you to communicate with fellow attendees, easily acquire research and information, and organize your schedule to best suit you. A state of the art media center will include news networks, a podcast center, industry news video, and social media interaction. 

Make It a Vacation

Bring your spouse. Bring the family. The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach in February can provide a vacation experience and constructive time with your industry friends. Think Rat Pack charm meets Miami energy. This is literally the place where “Elvis left the building”. Already, many we are talking to are planning on traveling early or staying after the conference. We’re making this easy by reserving reduced-rate rooms in the conference room block on both the front and back end of the conference. We’re also planning social events and activities that will be designed for you and your family. 

2022 Seems Safe; 2021 Isn’t Just Yet

Yes, we’re all looking forward to getting together again, but a few things held us back from launching in 2021. First, we’re all feeling encouraged by the vaccine rollout and the country starting to open up, but advisors aren’t feeling comfortable booking flights, hotel rooms and being inside with a lot of people quite yet. ETF issuers, exchanges and index providers are in the same camp.  

February 2022 appears possible. Our priority is the health and safety of all attendees and families. Exchange will be working closely with government, local authorities, and the venue to ensure all CDC guidelines are carried out. This isn’t something to mess with so we’re going to do whatever it takes to make it work. 

Bringing the Band Back Together – The Team Behind Exchange

The last year was rough, but one of the bright spots was how much time I got to spend connecting with some of my favorite people in the industry.  That connection is what made this event happen. Dave Nadig, Director of Research and CIO, my partner, Tom Hendrickson and I have teamed up with a full ETF conference orchestra. Matt Hougan, the guy behind and now Bitwise is bringing his expertise and guidance to the party. Matt, along with Matt Middleton and John Swolfs (the engine that ran Inside ETFs) have built an advisor focused platform called Advisor Circle. The first thing we did together was to talk to advisors and ETF industry friends on what this new conference experience needed. Voila….Exchange. 

Looking forward to seeing you in Miami Beach. I’m expecting that hug. 

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