ETFs Future-Forward 2021: An iShares Investing Symposium

The financial industry will come together on March 17, 2021 to discuss what’s next for the universe of exchange traded funds (ETFs). Our goal is for you to leave this unique half-day online conference with a clearer understanding of what’s ahead for key segments of the global marketplace, with leading ETF industry experts and thought leaders sharing their very best ideas.

In the upcoming half-day online conference, ETFs Future-Forward 2021: An iShares Investing Symposium, Jeffrey Spiegel, Director, US Head of iShares Megatrend and International ETFs, BlackRock; Raina Oberoi, Head of Americas Index Solutions Research, MSCI; and Adam Grossman, Global Equity CIO, RiverFront Investment Group, will star on the panel, Tomorrow’s Global Portfolio: The Outlook for International ETFs.

The experts at iShares join us as we dive deeply into the global investing landscape and explore opportunities for international investing in the coming year. We’ll take a look into how the Covid vaccine and incoming Biden administration will affect the geopolitical landscape, and how to maintain a global perspective in your day-to-day work.

On the next panel, Exploring ESG: The Emerging Face of Sustainable Investing?, Sarah Kjellberg, Director, Head of U.S. iShares Sustainable ETFs, BlackRock; Guillermo Cano, Executive Director, Index Solutions Research, MSCI; and Saumen Chattopadhyay, Chief Investment Officer, Carson Group, will argue why a sustainable strategy is worth considering.

2020 showed us that sustainable investing is here to stay. We’ll provide a framework for evaluating your sustainable options, with a clear plan for how to discuss this exciting sector with your clients.

Lastly, on the panel Looking Beyond 60/40: Making Fixed Income Work in the Real World, Michael Lane, Head of iShares U.S. Wealth Advisory, BlackRock; and Rusty Vanneman, Chief Investment Strategist, Orion Advisor Solutions, will consider what constitutes an appropriate allocation to fixed income assets in today’s low rate market environment.

Decades of research have led us to believe that fixed income securities play specific, defined roles in investment portfolios: yield potential and counter-correlation. But with interest rates near zero and inflation muted, where does fixed income fit into a modern portfolio? We’ll look at how both traditional and next-generation fixed income ETFs can help you manage the risk and return potential of your entire portfolio.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more can register for the Wednesday, March 17 online conference here.