ETF Strategists to Highlight Models ​​​​​​to Soften Portfolio Volatility

With whipsaw risk in the markets, ETF strategist firms have been leaning more on their models that soften portfolio volatility. In this upcoming webcast, Beaumont Capital, Astoria Portfolio Advisors, and ETF Trends

In the upcoming webcast, ETF Strategists to Highlight Models ​​​​​​to Soften Portfolio Volatility, John Davi, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Astoria Portfolio Advisors; David Clark, President and Head of Business Development, Astoria Portfolio Advisors; Brendan Ryan, Assistant Portfolio Manager, Beaumont Capital Management; and Denis Rezendes, Assistant Portfolio Manager, Beaumont Capital Management, will discuss timely tactical models, the importance of tiling away from market cap investments and discuss strategies that use factor/smart beta ETFs, mix factors, and look to higher-quality bonds and alternatives.

Astoria Portfolio Advisors offers a suite of ETF Managed Portfolios with a focus on generating attractive, risk-adjusted returns over varying market cycles. Their solutions can also be custom tailored to solve for the end client’s needs.

For example, ​Astoria’s Aggressive ETF Model Portfolio seeks to achieve long term risk-adjusted returns over varying macro-economic cycles. ​Astoria’s Moderate ETF Model Portfolio seeks to achieve long term risk-adjusted returns and above-average income over varying macro-economic cycles. Astoria’s US Thematic Equity ETF Model Portfolio seeks to achieve long term risk-adjusted returns using predominantly US sector and thematic based holdings over varying macro-economic cycles.

Beaumont Capital Management has crafted a suite of Dynamic Target Asset Allocation portfolios. These are risk-managed core portfolios engineered for both long-term growth and large loss avoidance. The low-cost portfolio models are constructed using a combination of tactical and strategic allocations and are tailored to a range of growth objectives and risk profiles.

Beaumont portfolios incorporate long-standing experience – the base target allocations used by BCM have been active since 1981. These rules-based models make the buy and sell decisions for the investor using investment rules and quantitative research, taking the emotions out of the investment process. The tactical equity and fixed income allocations can raise cash if certain sectors or components of the market are determined to be undesirable or in significant decline. The strategic allocations are static and will remain invested in helping achieve overall portfolio objectives. With some of the lowest fees in the market, these simple, cost-effective models are designed to streamline the investment process and free up resources to prospect and service clients.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about ETF model portfolios can register for the Thursday, May 28 webcast here.