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Central banks around the world have been tightening, but some have begun to ease off the gas, potentially supporting a rebound in global markets and ETFs.

“I think the Fed is on hold for a while. I think this pause is going to last at least for the next six months. And I’m actually a believer and here’s something people are not talking about – we’re at the beginning of a global easing cycle. So, it’s not just the Fed. It’s the other central banks around the world that have been tightening, particularly in the emerging markets, which have to protect their currencies last year. I think they’re going to start to cut, and I think that has big implications for a surprise,” Jay Pelosky, Co-Founder & CIO of TPW Investment Management, said at Inside ETFs.

TPW Investment Management is an ETF Strategist firm that offers a number of ETF managed portfolios. Specifically, the company’s Global Suite has three risk-based solutions highlighted by the flagship Global Macro Multi Asset (GMMA) portfolio, with an eight-year, audited track record, as well as Global Macro Equity and Global Macro Income portfolios, including the Global Macro Income (GMI) and Global Macro Equity (GME), respectively.

The firm also offers three Regional Equity portfolios that cover the Americas, Europe, and Asia, which include the Americas Macro Equity (AMME), Europe Macro Equity (EUME) and Asia Macro Equity (ASME).

“TPWIM simplifies Global Macro investing by utilizing our proprietary Tri Polar World (TPW) Framework and Global Risk Nexus (GRN) Scoring System combined with our portfolio construction process using ETFs, the liquid, low cost, transparent and tax efficient investment vehicle at the forefront of 21st century investing,” according to TPW Investment Management.

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