RiverFront 2021 Outlook: Out Of The Darkness | ETF Trends

RiverFront Investment Group has published the 2021 Outlook, for financial advisors to use with their clients in discussing RiverFront portfolios. This guide covers material related to new cycles for the new year, the risks to look out for, and how to position a portfolio.

Looking at next year, RiverFront is placing a high probability of positive market returns next year. In their view, a new economic market cycle has started, given the continued impact of COVID-19 now accompanied by an increased certainty on vaccines, let alone the role politics will play.

This new cycle will be driven by monetary & fiscal policy, given how the world’s largest central banks and policymakers have flooded the system with coordinated fiscal and monetary stimulus, in the wake of COVID-19.

There’s also plenty to take into consideration given the state of U.S. government stimulus, relationships with traditional allies, valuation, which remains a big controversy, and the nature of the U.S. dollar. A lot of moving parts come with this outlook, which helps to clarify predictions, policies, and procedures.

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