The Due Dilly Podcast - How Financial Advisors Are Prudently Approaching Emotional Investing | ETF Trends

Financial Advisors have a limited amount of independent audio resources that review equity, fixed income, and economic conditions in detail. Taking it a step further, how do they create context out of those details and communicate them to clients in a simple and effective way?

Join Nyle Bayer, Joe Mallen, and Jason Van Thiel of Helios Quantitative Research as they discuss the most important conversations that they are having with Financial Advisors to help them support their clients.

1:50 – Equities markets are discussed as to what’s important, why it is essential, and what the potential impacts may be.

3:25 – Framing critical perspective by looking at the 1-year rolling return for the S&P 500

4:50 – What phase of the emotional cycle are investors in right now? How this selloff is different than all the rest.

7:09 – Fixed income markets are discussed as to what’s important, why it is essential, and what the potential impacts may be.

8:00 – Why fixed income is not behaving like the typical safe-haven asset class

10:27 – How financial advisors can communicate about fixed income when it seems to be so confusing for retail investors

14:08 – Buy it or don’t buy it? Will unemployment continue to be contained in the unskilled segment of the labor market and backfill quickly?

16:38 – Buy it or don’t buy it? Will consumer behavior (70% of the US GDP) return to the way it was?

17:36 – Buy it or don’t buy it? Is the next years’ worth of economic data priced into the market?

19:13 – Buy it or don’t buy it? Has the easy money already been made in the selloff?

22:13 – Making changes to the strategy – how a financial advisor can facilitate conversations with clients who want to change their strategy during a bear market.

24:48 – Proof of emotional anchoring

27:51 – What you hear all the time, but it is never true. Selling and buying at the wrong time.

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