The Client is the Center of the ETF Ecosystem | ETF Trends

By Toroso Asset Management

Each week, the TETF.index team highlights the companies and factors driving ETF growth. We break the ETF ecosystem into five sub-sectors: Fund Sponsors like WisdomTree (WETF) and Blackrock (BLK), Index and Data companies like S&P Global (SPGI) and Morningstar (MORN), Exchanges like NYSE (ICE) and CBOE (CBOE), Service Providers like SEI (SEI) and US Bancorp (USB), and finally the liquidity providers like Virtu (VIRT) and Flow Traders (FLOW.V). Although these subsectors are capturing the growth of ETF assets, the primary driver and beneficiary of the structure are CLIENTS.

Investor Client Alignment

Thanks again, Jack

Last week, like most ETF Nerds, we paid homage to Jack Bogle. One quote truly captured the how the core client alignment factor of ETFs truly drives growth:

“Jack Bogle has probably done more for the American Investor than any man in the country.” — Warren Buffett