The 2018 ETF World Cup

By Toroso Asset Management

The World Cup. The world’s largest celebration every four years revolving around the sport that unites the world: Soccer (as we Americans call it at least). Just as we did the March Madness ETF Issuers bracket, where we started with the top 64 ETF issuers and narrowed it down to our winner mimicking the NCAA Basketball tournament in March, we decided to do an ETF World Cup! This time instead of Issuers battling against one another, we used the country’s presence in the US ETF market and our favorite ETF from each country that made it to the knock-out rounds of the World Cup (final 16 teams).

Each round, we chose a new differentiator to choose a winner in each match up. Here is how the bracket turned out!

Round of 16: # of US ETFs for each country

Quarterfinals: ETF Revenue

Semifinals: 5 year Performance

Finals: Toroso decision

ETF World Cup