ETF Asset Flows Tell a Story

As the exchange traded fund universe continues to expand and attract assets, money flows reveal where investors are looking into and also the types of investors that the ETF industry is attracting.

“2017 was pretty surprising when we looked at the record level of assets everywhere in the world, record levels of net new assets going in ETFs, we also found that were an increasing number of institutions using ETFs, an increasing number of mutual funds using ETFs. Robos are really becoming a big thing where they’re looking at ETFs, and many of them are trying to get off the ground. We’re also seeing financial advisors and platforms looking at ETFs and trying to compete,” Deborah Fuhr, Co-Founder and Managing Partner for ETFGI, said at the Inside ETFs 2018 conference.

The sudden influx of assets into ETFs and the ongoing growth potential for the overall industry may be supported by the sudden increased interest among institutional level players whom have billions of dollars to throw around.