Pacific Global Asset Management Launches New Equity Income ETF

In the current economic landscape, investors are looking for ways to preserve steady income-producing assets, especially after the volatility seen towards the end of 2018. Pacific Global Asset Management addressed that need with the launch of the Pacific Global US Equity Income ETF, which is a new actively-managed equity fund with a prime focus on income and capital appreciation.

“We see an exciting opportunity to help clients address their income and growth needs through the simplicity and transparency of exchange traded funds,” said Head of ETF Product Development, Anthony J. Dufault. “To accomplish this, we balance the 150-year-old investment expertise of our parent company, Pacific Life, with a modern and agile approach to building client investment solutions that stand the test of time.”

Pacific Global US Equity Income ETF (Ticker: USDY), listed on the NYSE Arca, actively invests in U.S. companies with above average or improving dividends. “USDY offers investors value and access to an experienced portfolio management team, making it an ideal complement to a passively managed dividend strategy.”

Affiliated asset manager Cadence Capital Management, the fund’s sub-adviser, brings expertise in factor-based equity investing. In 2019, Pacific Global ETFs expects to offer additional equity & fixed-income focused ETFs, which will enable investors to build customized investment portfolios tailored to specific income and capital appreciation investment goals.

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