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Select a Model ETF Portfolio

Tom Lydon knows all about ETFs, so he and his team have put together a variety of dynamic ETF portfolios to suit any investment objective, whether you as a Premium Member are young or old, close to retirement or far off from your golden years.  Chances are that you will find the best ETF model portfolio for you.

Tom Lydon’s ETF portfolios come in all shapes and sizes. Among the model ETF portfolios you’ll have to choose from include:

ETF portfolios for young, middle age and retirement age investors
High-risk international ETF portfolios
Low-risk international ETF portfolios
Domestic ETF portfolios
Bear market ETF portfolios
Bull market ETF portfolios

Each ETF portfolio page has all the ETF information you could ever wish for, including ETF portfolio expenses, total ETF performance, total ETF assets, ETF pie charts showing current allocations and a profile describing the type of ETF investor each ETF portfolio was designed with in mind.

Once you select a portfolio, we provide an optional investment alert system that delivers specific information about shares and ticker symbols to build any value portfolio based on the model.  We’ll even split your initial investment data into a dollar cost averaging plan with details you specify.

Premium ETF Trends subscribers will be able to set up ongoing ETF portfolio alerts so they’re able to stay on top of ETF portfolio changes and rebalancing.

Learn more about becoming a Premium Member, and start using Tom Lydon’s ETF portfolios today.