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Rebalancing ETF Portfolios

Once the hard work of creating your ETF portfolio using the best ETFs around is done and you’ve set up your ETF alerts, you can mostly sit back and relax. Well, not quite.  There’s just one thing: rebalancing. As market conditions change and your ETFs gain or lose value, it’s important to go back into your portfolio periodically and rebalance your ETF portfolio to bring it back in line. Our ETF rebalancing alerts will ensure that you never forget to do this.

After you’ve set up your ETF portfolio, click on “portfolio investment alerts” to bring up a window where you can set your preferences. When we send you the specifics to rebalance your ETF portfolio once each quarter you have the option to have it remind you until you click ‘completed’ in the email.  Until you click, it will send another email daily, weekly or monthly – it’s up to you.

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