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Finding ETF Trends in the Market

Finding the best ETFs is more than just a matter of doing the research and knowing what a fund holds. Ultimately, it all comes down to ETF performance and learning to spot where the hot ETF trends happen to be.

Our free ETF Analyzer allows you to sort ETFs based on performance in a variety of timelines.  You can prefilter to only look at specific categories, or determine limites for expense ratios or assets under management.  Then click on a column heading to sort by that column.  Top winners move to the top.  Choose descending order to see the top losers in any timeframe.

If you want longer term ETF performance, no worries: you can find the top-performing and bottom-performing ETFs for a week, one month, three months and one year. If you want to view long-only ETFs, you can simply check a box to tell it to exclude leveraged and inverse ETFs. With our ETF Analyzer tool, you can also easily compare ETF performance over a short-term and long-term time period.

Premium Members can go to their personal Dashboard and use our ETF Trend tool to find both ETF winners and ETF losers in any timeframe you choose. If you’re interested in one-day ETF performance, you can easily find the top-performing funds by clicking the “today” tab. Click the “today” tab again to sort ETFs from the bottom-performing funds on down.  And this tool can be customized to show alternate datapoints at the same time showing top funds in order.

To make our ETF Trend tool even easier to read, we’ve color coded the chart so you know where the top ETFs are at a glance. The top-performers will be shaded in a strong green color, which fades as you move down the chart. The bottom-performing ETFs are shaded in a strong red color, which fades as you move down the chart. Learn more about Premium Memberships.

Begin discovering the top- and bottom-performing ETFs now.