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Create Custom ETF Portfolios to Track Performance

You’ve done your ETF research using our ETF research tools. You’ve examined our ETF Analyzer and ETF Resumé in order to find the ETFs that are moving. Now you’re ready to build your own ETF portfolio. Our custom ETF portfolio tool will help Premium Members do just that.

To get started creating your own personalized ETF portfolio, you can visit our ETF portfolio page and start adding in the ETFs you want. Premium members will be allowed to create three ETF portfolios. Upgrade to our Ultra membership, and you’ll be able to create unlimited ETF portfolios.

Building an ETF portfolio that suits you with our ETF portfolio tool is easy. To find the best ETFs for your portfolio, using our ETF Analyzer. As you add them to your ETF portfolio, our tool will keep a running tab on the total value of your ETF portfolio, the dollar amount invested and the number of ETF shares you own.

After your ETF portfolio is built, we will start measuring its performance for you.  You’ll may also elect to receive quarterly rebalancing alerts where we’ll let you know the exact buy and sell moves that will restore your original proportions to help maximize returns and reduce risk.

Become a Premium Member and get started building your portfolios today.