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The SmartETFs Sustainable Energy II ETF (SOLR) was revamped at the beginning of the year, altering its ticker symbol and primary listing venue.

SOLR, previously known as SULR, moved from the CBOE to the NYSE on January 3, 2022, unifying Guinness Atkinson’s ETF lineup. The firm’s other ETFs were already offered on the NYSE, Jim Atkinson, CEO of Guinness Atkinson, said in a statement.

SOLR is an equal-weighted, actively managed fund that aims for long-term capital appreciation through investment primarily in securities of global sustainable energy companies.

Sustainable energy companies are those that generate, produce, or provide alternative or renewable sources of energy.

Also included are companies that produce, generate, transport, or deliver energy or energy applications in a way that makes alternative or renewable energy more efficient or accessible or reduces the use of environmentally depletive energy resources, according to a statement from the firm.

Incepted in November 2020, the fund has garnered $6 million in assets under management. The fund carries an expense ratio of 79 basis points.

SOLR is actively managed by Will Riley, Jonathan Waghorn, and Edward Guinness.

Although currently seeing a negative rate of return, the fund is outperforming its category peers. SOLR has seen -5.24% in year-to-date returns compared to the FactSet Segment Average of -7.37% during the same period, according to ETF Database

Over a one-year period, SOLR has returned -4.27% compared to the FactSet Segment Average of -16.21%, according to ETF Database.

Although returns have been negative for the category in recent history, the segment has seen promising returns over longer periods of time. The FactSet Segment Average return is 60.81% over a three-year period and 78.30% over a five-year period, according to ETF Database. 

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