Capitalize on Changes in Marketing and Advertising With "MRAD"

Companies will always need marketing and advertising to remain competitive, but changing times call for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) like the SmartETFs Advertising & Marketing Technology ETF (MRAD).

Given that, the case is clear for this ETF—MRAD invests in companies positioned to benefit from the disruption underway in the advertising and marketing industries. The fund employs an active management strategy for selecting its holdings.

“With smart technologies and platforms continuing to evolve, the marketing and advertising industry is poised for considerable change,” a Business World article explained. “Even as some of the old forms and practices will continue, a few new ones will also make an appearance and crystallize into established practices eventually.”

“In an age when Digital Darwinism – a phenomenon wherein society and technology evolve faster than companies’ ability to adapt – is at full play, brands must keep pace with the upcoming new trends while retaining the ability to capitalize on existing trends,” the article added. “In other words, keeping an eye on the latest trends is the key to staying ahead of the curve.”

Per the Smart ETFs website, the fund’s holdings consist of companies “that provide, support, or enable the following: programmatic, targeted, and data-driven advertising and advertising-related activities. Advertising includes all forms of advertising including digital, print, broadcast and ‘out of home’ media.”

Key fund points:

  • Programmatic advertising, data-driven targeting, & marketing automation: These technologies disrupt the advertising and marketing industries.
  • AdTech & MarTech are critical components for modern marketers, increasing efficiency & customer relevance.
  • MRAD takes an intelligent approach. An actively managed ETF can adapt to changes in the highly competitive AdTech/MarTech space.
  • MRAD provides access to the MarTech/AdTech disruption theme in a single transaction. MRAD generally holds approximately 30 equally weighted positions.

An Emphasis on New Media Platforms

Part of the advantage of MRAD’s strategy is to identify opportunities dynamically. In the case of marketing and advertising, it’s finding new companies that take advantage of new media, such as social media.

“With the explosion in social media and instant messaging platforms usage, especially on internet-enabled smartphones, some of the trends and formats likely to prevail and gain traction in 2021 would include conversational marketing, highly individualized one-to-one advertising, influencer marketing, mobile advertising with in-app and in-game ads, video advertising, video-embedded display banners, native advertising, accelerated pivot to automation, programmatic advertising and even cookieless advertising, among others,” the Business World article said.

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