Startup Used AI to Identify Coronavirus Outbreak Before WHO, CDC

While the coronavirus outbreak continues to take its toll on global markets, it’s disruptive technology like artificial intelligence that are coming to the forefront in terms of identifying the disease. For one Toronto startup, Bluedot, it was successfully able to use AI technology to alert clients of an outbreak by Dec. 31 last year, beating health organizations to the punch.

Per a Quartz report,  the startup, which was launched in 2014, successfully “alerted its clients to the outbreak on Dec. 31, well ahead of notifications from the World Health Organization and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

According to the Quartz report, Bluedot was able to use natural language processing coupled with machine learning comb through copious amounts of data from various sources, such as global news reports, airline data and animal disease outbreak reports. The company’s AI-based platform is able to analyze an insurmountable number of data points in order to identify disease outbreaks.

The data itself is not left to stand on its own. Epidemiologists analyze the data before it goes out to clients within the public and private sectors.

“On one hand, the world is rapidly changing, where diseases are emerging and spreading faster. On the other hand, we happen to have growing access to data we can use…to generate insights and spread them faster than the diseases spread themselves,” said Bluedot founder Kamran Khan in the Canadian Press

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