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The ARK Genomic Revolution Multi-Sector Fund (CBOE: ARKG) is already at the center of a variety of disruptive, innovative healthcare ideas. One of the emerging concepts ARKG is levered to is precision medicine.

The intersection of precision medicine and genomics could be the next growth frontier for ARKG investors.

“Studies have sought to discover why the disease affects some individuals more severely than others, how communities can reduce the spread of infection, and which states or cities will likely see a surge of new cases,” according to Health IT Analytics. “A critical feature of this research – and the key to achieving an enhanced understanding of the virus – is the field of precision medicine and genomics. In order to treat COVID-19, healthcare professionals first have to know how the virus operates, as well as who is most likely to experience negative outcomes from the disease.”

Power of Precision

Bolstering the long-term case for genetic sequencing is the field’s ability to help healthcare professionals more accurately diagnose ailments, delivering a higher level of personalized patient care.

With scientists racing to find a vaccine for the coronavirus, health care, and biotechnology have been hot sectors this year. Yet, as investors try and pick a winner from the rapidly increasing group of companies that are entering the competition, a collection of biotechnology and other, more targeted exchange-traded funds that contain some of the key names in the vaccine race are delivering impressive returns.

The combination of genomics and precision medicine could prove potent in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

“One project will examine the role of a specific protein in COVID-19 and how it is potentially impacting individual responses to the virus. The team will initially study the role of the protein as a link to greater mortality rates for individuals with underlying cardiovascular conditions,” according to Health IT Analytics.

ARKG is also one of the best-performing equity-based actively managed ETFs on the market and a leading health care ETF over the past several years. Active management is a nice benefit as it allows ARKG managers to tilt holdings toward coronavirus vaccine plays.

Gene sequencing and precision medicine are viewed as vital avenues for success in developing COVID-19 treatments.

“The Nevada Genomics Center at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) is also aiming to better understand COVID-19 through genomics research. The institution is conducting genomic sequencing on samples from northern and southern Nevada that initially tested positive for COVID-19,” notes Health IT Analytics.

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