Machine Learning Technology is Helping to Track Coronavirus

Investors might be seeing nothing, but red in the capital markets, but on the flip side, it’s opening up the pathways for innovation. One company, Anodot, launched a public service that involves an analytics dashboard that uses machine learning to monitor locally reported COVID-19 cases, and then sends an alert to users when data from a certain region changes drastically.

“During the past couple of days, a number of our employees voiced concerns over the growth of the virus in their home cities around the world. We began using our own machine learning algorithms to track it, and quickly realized that lending the use of our technology to the global public is the minimum we can do to help during this very difficult time,” said David Drai, CEO and Co-Founder, Anodot. “We will continue to look for other potential insights we can offer and hope the information will aid people’s decisions, as so many of us are grappling with whether commuting to work, traveling or attending large events puts ourselves and our families at risk.”

Based on an Inside Big Data report, here’s what the company has identified thus far:

  1. China is on its way to containing the virus if the numbers from the country are correct.
  2. Per the report, “while Italy and South Korea have an overall similar number of confirmed cases, South Korea has managed to reduce the infection rate over the last week, while the rate in Italy is still increasing. South Korea also has a much lower mortality rate (0.68%) vs. Italy (~5%), which may be due to having implemented widespread testing.”

ARKK Chart

ARKK data by YCharts

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