Drones, Robotaxis, 3D Printing, and More: Investing in Autonomous Technologies

Autonomous technologies and robotics are revolutionizing the future. ARK believes that in the not-too-distant future, drones will deliver our packages, food, and even people quicker and more conveniently than ever before. The firm also predicts that autonomous ride-hailing will reduce the cost of mobility, spurring widespread adoption. Finally, ARK believes 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing by collapsing the time between design and production, shifting power to designers, and reducing supply chain complexity.

In the upcoming webcast, Drones, Robotaxis, 3D Printing, and More: Investing in Autonomous Technologies, Tasha Keeney, Analyst, ARK; and Matt Murphy, Vice President, National ETF Sales, Resolute Investment Managers, will explore the future of these technologies.

As a way to capture this potential opportunity, investors can turn to ETF strategies, such as the ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (NYSEArca: ARKQ). The ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF is focused on and are expected to substantially benefit from the development of new products or services, technological improvements, and advancements in scientific research related to, among other things, energy, automation and manufacturing, materials, and transportation. The ETF captures the converging industrial and technology sectors, capitalizing from autonomous vehicles, robotics, 3D printing, energy storage, and space exploration technologies. The ETF can provide long-term growth potential with low correlation of relative returns to traditional growth strategies and negative correlation to value strategies. ARKQ offers improved diversification due to its low overlap to traditional indices, complementing a traditional value and growth portfolio.

Additionally, the ARK 3D Printing ETF (CBOE: PRNT) tries to reflect the Total 3D-Printing Index’s performance, which is designed to track companies involved in the 3D printing industry. The Total 3D-Printing Index is composed of related companies from the U.S., non-U.S. developed markets, and Taiwan that are engaged in 3D printing-related businesses engaged with 3D printing hardware, computer-aided design (“CAD”), and 3D printing simulation software, 3D printing centers, scanning and measurement, and 3D printing materials.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about innovative technologies can register for the Thursday, June 24 webcast here.