Decision Made: Why to Outsource Your Asset Management

Financial advisors can turn to ETF strategies in an effort to capture the high returns that are so coveted by their clients. Yet financial advisors in the 21st century must balance asset management with a wide range of other responsibilities.

In the upcoming webcast, Decision Made: Why to Outsource Your Asset Management, Gracie Hynes, Vice President, Goldman Sachs Asset Management; Christopher Lvoff, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager, Goldman Sachs Asset Management; and Michael Darling, Vice President and Sales Manager, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, will highlight the potential benefits of outsourcing components of asset management through model portfolios.

“We combine a strategic, long-term approach with tactical views to provide a diversified asset allocation strategy that seeks to balance risk and return while navigating changing markets,” states Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

“Investors can choose the implementation strategy that fits their needs. Options to use either tax-efficient exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds managed by GSAM or by third parties provide flexibility to meet investment objectives.”

Goldman Sachs offers eight options that include ultra conservative income, conservative income, conservative, moderate conservative, moderate, moderate growth, growth, and enhanced growth approaches to suit many types of risk profiles, ranging from a target 20% equity and 80% income ultra conservative mix to a 90% equity and 10% enhanced growth style. The models use mutual funds or exchange traded funds.

“We build portfolios that seek to maximize returns for every level of risk using a dynamic asset allocation approach that combines strategic, long-term views with tactical views. We monitor each model and rebalance as needed to reflect changes in the global market outlook and macroeconomic environment,” concludes Goldman Sachs.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about ETF model portfolios can register for the Tuesday, April 13 webcast here.