Crypto Makes Its Way to Academia

The cryptocurrency space is an increasingly important of the broader financial lexicon and it looks like the academic world is seizing upon that theme.

A recent survey by crytpo exchange Coinbase and Qriously of 50 top global universities indicate a growing number of those schools are offering courses in cryptocurrency.

“Takeaways of the study include finding nearly half, 42%, of the globe’s best universities offer at least one course on either the subject of blockchain or crypto,” according to

Among the U.S. universities offering crypto and blockchain courses, Stanford leads the way with 10 such course offerings, according to the survey. Of the top 11 universities in terms of crypto and blockchain courses offered, three are Ivy League schools – Penn, Harvard and Princeton. Among public institutions, the University of California – Berkeley and the University of California – Los Angeles lead the way with four and three crypto courses, respectively.

Inside The Crypto Survey

“Researchers at Qriously sampled 675 students, 50 international universities, along with interviewing students and professors personally. One business school professor in the United States noted, in a matter of just four years, the amount of students enrolling for his offering on blockchain boomed from an initial 35 to 230, a 6X increase,” reports

Among the myriad issues facing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is adoption. As in when cryptos will become more widely accepted and used for mainstream activities, such as basic payments and money transfers, on a larger scale.