Q1 2024's Top Story: Spot Bitcoin ETFs Thrive | ETF Trends

2024 is nearly a third of the way through, but the most significant story may already stand out. That’s because 2024 kicked off with the arrival of spot Bitcoin ETFs, the long awaited route into Bitcoin exposure. For the first time, investors can get easy, near direct exposure to the leading cryptocurrency via the increasingly popular wrapper.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs Arrive

That story dominated the conversation at this year’s ETF Exchange Conference in Miami, Florida. Firms from Bitwise Asset Management to Grayscale to Franklin Templeton have all dived in with spot Bitcoin ETFs.

The New York Stock Exchange’s host of NYSE Floor Talk, Judy Shaw, sat down with leaders from each to discuss, with the advantages of the ETF wrapper a key theme. ETFs have exploded in popularity thanks to their tax efficiency, transparency, and tradeability.

“We’re here today to talk uniquely about accessing Bitcoin through a … low cost wrapper we’re all accustomed to. That’s the ETF,” said Johnny Garcia, Bitwise Asset Management director and head of ETF capital markets.

Those advantages have helped add to the innate case for Bitcoin investing. As a cryptocurrency, it can offer diversification away from stocks or bonds.

“We’ve seen a lot of demand for (diversifying portfolios with digital assets),” said Franklin Templeton ETF capital markets senior analyst Megan Rust. Rust also pointed to providing clients with greater access to Bitcoin as a priority.

Overall, spot Bitcoin ETFs provide one more tool for investors and advisors to meet their goals. Spot Bitcoin ETFs have already picked up significant AUM amid significant fee competition among asset managers.

“This is yet again another story of the ETF marketplace innovating and democratizing an asset class for investors of all shapes and sizes to use ETFs as a building block for their portfolios and now they can do it with Bitcoin,” said Grayscale’s global head of ETFs and senior managing director Dave LaValle.

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