How Nvidia Is Empowering the Future of the Metaverse | ETF Trends

Nvidia continues to be a pioneer and innovator within its industry, now turning its focus to the metaverse. The inventor of the GPU, Nvidia is no stranger to trailblazing and paving the way for growth within the technology sector, and it now has staked a claim in the metaverse that it hopes will grow the space from the ground up, reports Venture Beat.

Nvidia has announced that it will be giving free licenses to its Omniverse software, an open platform made for collaborating virtually and working on real-time simulations that are physically accurate, to creatives and artists. The caveat? The free licenses are only for individual creators in hopes of promoting growth at the grassroots level.

This strategy is a stark contrast to the approach to the metaverse that other companies have taken, in which they seek to control every aspect of the projects and all of the related data, and is one that will empower creators of all types. By encouraging this type of development and growth, the metaverse could be better fleshed out as an attractive virtual space with wholly unique offerings that bring both consumers and investors.

“Nvidia understands unleashing creative energy to make products and experiences in the metaverse is what will make it exciting and attractive to consumers. New arrivals in these virtual worlds will seek creative and artistic experiences that can’t be found anywhere else,” writes Jerod Venema, founder and CEO of LiveSwitch and author of the article.

By open-sourcing its platform and tools to individual creators, Nvidia can encourage growth, exploration, and new developments at a much more rapid pace, as well as continue to drive innovation within the metaverse and potentially other platforms as well.

Investing in Nvidia and Innovation

Nvidia is one of the top holdings within the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK), an ETF that offers diversified exposure to the major companies working within and alongside blockchain.

BLOK currently has $905 million in AUM, is actively managed, and invests in companies directly involved in developing and using blockchain technology. BLOK was also the first blockchain ETF approved by the SEC and launched in 2018.

The fund invests in companies partnered with or directly investing in companies utilizing and developing blockchain technologies. However, the fund does not invest directly in blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies.

BLOK spreads its holdings across the size spectrum, investing in all market caps. As of the end of December, top allocations within the blockchain industry included transactional at 38.0%, crypto miners at 23.0%, and venture at 11%. BLOK invests across the blockchain landscape, in miners, exchanges, and developers.

Top holdings include CME Group at 4.53%, SBI Holdings at 4.42%, and Nvidia at 4.38%.

BLOK has an expense ratio of 0.71% and currently has 45 holdings.

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