DAPP Is On Sale | ETF Trends

After a brutal three-month stretch that saw DAPP drop 51.04%, investors should consider the VanEck Digital Transformation ETF (DAPP) to be on sale.

DAPP’s performance dip aligns with general troubles in the crypto space, as bitcoin shed nearly half of its $68,000 high water mark. DAPP invests in crypto equities, which are usually somewhat untethered from what bitcoin is doing, but a series of bad breaks likely has DAPP undervalued, especially given crypto’s modest rebound over the past week.

Crypto’s March to Mainstream Continues

The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, just invested $200 million in Forbes, an established magazine and digital publisher, according to CNBC. This is the first major investment by a digital currency company in a traditional media property.

“This is the first step into a marketplace that has really high potential when it comes to adoption of Web 3.0-based tools,” said a person with knowledge of Binance’s strategy to CNBC. “Our industry has seen a ton of growth and we think you’d have to be a fool to not position yourself in those sectors that are ripe for infrastructure investment.”

Many sector insiders anticipate that this could be the first of many deals like this coming this year as companies begin to strategically deploy their financial resources.

As the crypto space continues to evolve toward becoming a mainstream asset, funds like DAPP might benefit. DAPP focuses on equities, which can be excellent diversifiers for a crypto portfolio, and its current fire sale price is not bound to last long given the improving conditions for cryptocurrency. The other advantage investing in equities has over just owning spot currency is that these firms have the potential to succeed no matter which coin ends up on top. With ethereum and solana ascendant, an equities play can have less risk than a direct purchase of bitcoin.

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