A Look Into the Next Evolution of Bitcoin Happening Soon | ETF Trends

The next upgrade for bitcoin is expected to hit any day, possibly over the weekend, and with it will come a series of changes that are promising for the blockchain.

Taproot, the next big upgrade for the blockchain, is slated to take effect at block 709,632 and will introduce a few key changes, reports CNBC. It will be the first big update that the network has experienced since 2017 and will introduce something called Schnorr signatures.

Schnorr signatures are the key to this update, as they will allow for the expansion of smart contracts (digital agreements that are stored in code on blockchains), ensure better privacy for users, and bring the costs of transactions down.

The smart contract change will expand the capabilities on the bitcoin blockchain, which previously had fairly narrow limitations. Smart contracts are a key component of DeFi and NFTs, both areas that the Ethereum network has dominated until now.

“Bitcoin has historically been much more limited in accommodating smart contracts,” Katherine Dowling, general counsel and chief compliance officer of Bitwise Asset Management, told CNBC Make It. “But, while bitcoin likely won’t ever be as flexible as Ethereum from a smart contract standpoint, with Taproot that gap will now narrow.”

Another change will be one that allows for multiple signature transactions to appear as a singular, standard transaction, and will be identical looking to a simple transaction for outside parties. This allows for more privacy and anonymity for those utilizing multi-signature transactions, such as with smart contracts.

The amount of data that is needed to complete multi-signature transactions is also being decreased, and will help to simplify and thereby reduce the costs of transactions. Less data means less energy used and better time efficiency, something that will benefit the blockchain all around.

Taproot will “set the foundation for the next phase of innovation in the bitcoin protocol,” Dowling believes. “We expect this upgrade to unleash a new wave of innovation in bitcoin focused mainly on smart contracts.”

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