Growth ETFs Rally as Tech Leads the Rebound | ETF Trends

Growth-related exchange traded funds climbed on Tuesday with technology stocks leading the rebound after the shaky start to October.

“We’re buying the dip, but the dip isn’t 10% anymore. The dip is now 2%, or 4%,” Jake Dollarhide, chief executive officer of Longbow Asset Management, told Reuters. “People are trained like Pavlov’s dog to buy the dip, which is reinforcing all of this.”

Volatility in the stock market over the past month is seen as a typical seasonal trend for the September and October months, which have historically experienced more selloffs than any other months, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The recent spate of volatility was both unavoidable and relatively modest, according to Michael Gayed, a portfolio manager and author of the Lead-Lag Report newsletter. Along with Tuesday’s gains, the S&P is down less than 5% from its early September highs, which has been fueled by a Federal Reserve that has pursued a highly accommodative monetary policy stance.

“If anything, this is long overdue,” Gayed told the WSJ.

Looking ahead, inflation and COVID-19 will continue to be key factors to watch out for, along with the timeline for the Fed’s eventual monetary policy tightening. Lately, investors have also been perturbed by the potential for the U.S. government to default on its debt, ongoing supply-chain problems, and rising commodities prices.

“The equity markets today are worrying more about inflation, the possibility that we’re going to then see higher rates, and the fact that that does undermine the very lofty levels that they have been trading at,” Rob Carnell, head of research for Asia-Pacific at ING, told the WSJ.

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