An Advisor’s Guide to Discovering Transformational Companies | ETF Trends

The markets are always shifting with new trends, providing adept investors the opportunity to capitalize on the changes.

In the upcoming webcast, An Advisor’s Guide to Discovering Transformational Companies, Kevin Lewis, vice president and senior client portfolio manager at American Century Investments; Sean Walker, vice president and ETF specialist at American Century Investments, will highlight a strategy that they believe can adapt to the ever-changing market environment.

Investors who are interested in a targeted growth strategy can consider something like the American Century Focused Dynamic Growth ETF (FDG). FDG is a high-conviction strategy that invests in early-stage, rapid-growth companies with a competitive advantage and high profitability, growth, and scalability.

“Our strategy selectively invests in early stage and rapidly growing companies that have opportunities to expand their business and compound shareholder investments at high rates over time. We generally avoid mature companies in the declining growth phase,” according to American Century.

The American Century Focused Dynamic Growth ETF tracks an actively managed, high-conviction portfolio led by industry practitioners, focusing on 30 to 45 companies with a competitive advantage, profitability, growth, and scalability. The strategy also adheres to a buy-and-hold approach that focuses on high-quality businesses.

“The Focused Dynamic Growth portfolio is actively managed to emphasize our rigorous research with stock selection being an important component of risk,” according to American Century.

“Our team has both industry practitioners (e.g., a former drug scientist) and others with valuable skill sets (e.g., a CPA) that collaborate for more insightful views and robust decision-making when evaluating portfolio investments.”

Despite the market turns this year, the fund managers believe the strategy is still well positioned to capture future growth trends.

“The strategy remains focused on investments with a long-term growth outlook. The portfolio has holdings that have demonstrated their unique value proposition, not just currently but we believe for the foreseeable future. We believe the current sell-off fails to reflect well-run companies’ tremendous innovation and opportunity over a multiyear horizon,” according to American Century.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about these transformation companies can register for the Monday, September 26 webcast here.