Commodity Prices Will Remain High in 2023, Says Research Group

The research group, Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU), doesn’t see commodity prices falling after a volatile 2022. According to EIU, while demand may slow, supply won’t rise high enough to put enough downward pressure on prices.

“EIU expects commodity prices to recede in 2023 in the face of slowing demand globally, but an only limited increase in supply means that prices will remain high in level terms,” the research group noted in a commodities outlook for 2023.

“Global supply-chain disruptions stemming from the covid-19 pandemic will subside in 2023,” they added. “Along with increasing production volumes of agricultural commodities, this will cause a drop of 8.6% in our food, feedstuffs and beverages index next year.”

The Dow Jones Commodity Index Agriculture Capped Component, which is designed to track the agriculture sector through futures contracts (with capping rules applied), has been on an upward trajectory over the past three years. The index is up over 60% and could see more gains in 2023 should that trend hold steady.

“Prices of grains have eased from their recent highs, but their direction in the coming months will continue to be influenced by events in the Black Sea region, in particular by any further extensions of an agreement that allows Ukrainian wheat exports to transit via Black Sea shipping corridors despite the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports,” the EIU said.^DJCACCTR Chart

Get Broad Commodities Exposure

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