Combating Geopolitical Risks in Your Portfolio

Gold is an important component in a well-diversified portfolio as precious metals exhibit relatively low correlation to a traditional stock and bond portfolio. Investors may be particularly interested in the hard asset as geopolitical uncertainty will remain an ongoing risk in the months and year ahead.

On the upcoming webcast, Combating Geopolitical Risks in Your Portfolio, Cameron Alexander, Director, Metals Demand, Asia and the Middle East for Thomson Reuters; Jerry Hicks, Sales and Business Development Manager for The Perth Mint; and Mike Cronan, President of Marketing Services at Exchange Traded Concepts, will outline the potential risks and supporting factors that could maintain the gold outlook and consider an alternative approach to diversify a portfolio with gold assets.

Exchange Traded Concepts, in conjunction with The Perth Mint, Australia’s largest fully integrated precious metals refining, minting and depository enterprise, recently launched the Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF (NYSEArca: AAAU).

AAAU is the first ETF to give investors exposure to physical gold backed by a sovereign entity. It is also the only gold ETF with vaults in Asia, offering investors an attractive alternative to traditional vault centers which is recommended for institutions holding more than $20 million in physical gold.

The Perth Mint has built a reputation as a high-quality refiner and manufacturer of gold over its 119 years of operation. AAAU shares are backed by physical gold with a purity of 99.5 percent, which is secured within The Perth Mint’s network of central bank grade vaults in Western Australia.