CLS Investments Launch Smart ETF Models

As the ETF industry continues to evolve, CLS Investments has launched Smart ETF Models that utilize products from five ETF providers at a zero-percent strategist fee. CLS partnered with Deutsche Asset Management, First Trust, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, PIMCO and PowerShares by Invesco to offer these first of its kind models.

CLS currently offers eight Smart ETF Models, which are globally diversified portfolios composed of smart beta and active ETFs, along with smaller satellite positions in ETFs focused on specific sectors, countries and alternative assets. The Smart ETF Models were designed to focus on total return proportionate to the investor’s Risk Budget (which can range from conservative to aggressive). They are currently available on Orion Communities (through CLS’s sister company, Orion Advisor Services), Envestnet, FTJ FundChoice and others.

“At CLS, we recognize that in our ever-changing industry, offering low-cost solutions that add value to an investor’s portfolio is crucial for an advisory firm’s growth and success,” said CLS CEO Ryan Beach. “We also recognize the positive impact that smart beta and factor investing have on portfolios. While zero-fee models traditionally contain allocations to only one provider or entity, CLS’s Smart ETF Models will provide advisors with a solution that incorporates ETFs from multiple providers and align with the client’s Risk Budget and CLS’s active outlook.”

CLS will manage these models with their disciplined and active Risk Budgeting framework, and will continue to place focus on the global market. The portfolios will also emphasize ETFs based on factors (“smart beta ETFs”), which have historically demonstrated a bias to outpace the market over time.

In addition to its Smart ETF Models, CLS offers additional ETF-focused strategies on platforms that are designed to generate income or accumulate wealth.

“Orion is thrilled to be one of the first to provide our advisors with access to CLS’s disruptive Smart ETF Models in order to meet our clients’ demands and help drive down the cost of asset management,” said Orion CEO Eric Clarke. “CLS’s Smart ETF Models provide advisors with the investment solutions needed to help grow their client’s portfolios in a cost-efficient and strategic way.”

For more information about CLS’s Smart ETF Models or to register for a webinar on November 16 about the new models, visit