Under the Hood of Ocean Engagement ETF ‘KSEA’ | ETF Trends

The KraneShares Rockefeller Ocean Engagement ETF (KSEA) is a unique fund available to investors, providing access to the blue economy.

A subset of the ocean economy, the blue economy has significant growth potential, expected to grow at twice the rate of the mainstream economy by 2030.

The blue economy is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihoods, and jobs while preserving the health of the ocean ecosystem, according to the World Bank.

Investors can access the blue economy with the KraneShares Rockefeller Ocean Engagement ETF (KSEA). The fund invests in public companies with a significant impact on oceans and ocean resources, reflecting the meaningful investment opportunities within the blue economy.

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What’s Inside Ocean Engagement ETF ‘KSEA’?

KSEA aims to generate competitive returns and improve ocean health. The fund does this through shareholder engagement activity focused on pollution prevention, carbon transition, and ocean conservation, according to KraneShares.

The fund includes companies from diverse sectors including aquaculture, commercial fishing, waste management, renewable energy, and logistics.

KSEA’s top five holdings as of January 31 include Waste Management (WM)Berry Global Group (BERY)Advanced Drainage Systems (WMS), Compagnie de Saint-Gobain SA (SGO), and Loblaw Companies (L).

Ocean Engagement ETF ‘KSEA’ returns

KSEA has climbed 9.4% over three months ending January 31. However, KSEA is down 4.1% year to date, making now a potentially ideal time to buy in at a discount.

Rockefeller Asset Management serves as the subadvisor of KSEA. With over three decades of impact investing experience, the firm is well-positioned to navigate opportunities in the blue economy. The firm has partnerships with leading nonprofit organizations for ocean conservation, including The Ocean Foundation and World Resources Institute.

Fund advisor KraneShares specializes in China, climate, and uncorrelated assets. In addition to KSEA, the firm’s climate investment portfolio includes the KraneShares Global Carbon ETF (KRBN), the KraneShares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility ETF (KARS), and the KraneShares California Carbon Allowance ETF (KCCA), among others.

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