Client First Enters ETF Space With Active Large-Cap ADPV | ETF Trends

Client First Tax & Wealth Advisors announced the launch of its first exchange traded fund, the Adaptiv Select ETF (NYSE Arca: ADPV). The actively managed U.S. large-cap stock selection fund is available to trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

ADPV seeks to identify and own the 25 highest-ranked U.S. large-cap stocks out of a universe of the 1000 largest-capitalized U.S. stocks when the broad U.S. market is in an uptrend. The fund also mitigates risk and reduces drawdown by shifting out of stocks and into cash and short-term Treasury bills when the broad U.S. market is in a downtrend. The ETF uses objective rules-based calculations to accomplish these goals and is rebalanced weekly.

“Advisors and investors have often sought to select individual stocks in order to try and capture both absolute and relative returns. This ETF seeks to capture both of the aforementioned using two investment factors observed consistently across many market time horizons: momentum and relative strength,” said David Zarling, partner and head of investment strategy and research at Client First.

Client First, a West Bend, Wisconsin-based independent registered investment advisor with more than $120 million in assets, is partnering with US Bank, Exchange Traded Products, and Quasar Distributors to bring the momentum-based strategy to market as an ETF.

“As we enter the active ETF space, we are excited about the full roster of strategic experts we are partnering with,” added Paul Zarling, managing partner at Client First. “Our partners, such as sub-advisor ETC, lead market maker Global Trading Systems, and fund custodian and administrator US Bank are well known in the marketplace. They provide the extreme depth of expertise we were looking for on behalf of our clients.”

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