China: Your Top Questions Answered by Industry Experts

China continues to be woefully underrepresented in most investors’ equity portfolios despite the quickly expanding global economy.

On the upcoming webcast Thursday, July 26, China: Your Top Questions Answered by Industry Experts, Robert Bush, Director and ETF Strategist at DWS, Luke Oliver, Head of U.S. ETF Capital Markets at DWS, and Sean Edkins, Director and Head of ETF Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Deutsche Asset Management, will address attendees’ top questions about investing in China and international markets, while also revealing the results of the survey from the first-part of the webinar that analyze investor portfolio construction habits specific to emerging markets and China.

Chinese markets and country-specific ETFs have plunged as a result of the escalating U.S. and China trade war conflict, but the selling may have been overdone.

China, especially mainland Chinese A-shares, remains a relatively underrepresented asset in many U.S. investors’ portfolios. Looking ahead, more investors and money managers may begin to shift into Chinese A-shares as major index providers, more notably MSCI, adopting China A-shares into its benchmark emerging market index and international indices.

Many investors and financial advisors remain underallocated to China as a part of their diversified international investment portfolio. Investors may include some China exposure as part of their emerging market position, but China A-shares, or company stocks that trade in mainland China, remain woefully underallocated in many investment portfolios.

China A-shares ETF Play

The move is seen as beneficial to an array of China A-shares exchange traded funds, including the Xtrackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares ETF (NYSEArca: ASHR). These ETFs track China-listed company stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. However, these broad China A-shares ETFs remained in the slumps Friday.