China Tech ETFs Have Led 2017 Charge

Both CQQQ and QQQC take a broader approach, targeting China’s overall technology sector, including software and services, technology hardware and equipment, information technology and telecommunication services.

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While EMQQ may have a global focus, many of its internet and e-commerce names are from China, including Alibaba 9.4%, Tencent Holdings 8.8% and Baidu 7.0%, among others.

Lastly, PGJ is a broad China country-specific ETF, but unlike other broad China ETFs, the PowerShares option a hefty 49.4% tilt toward the information technology sector and 34.2% to consumer discretionary names, which include many Chinese Internet companies as well. This China ETF may be used a more diversified play on Chinese markets, with a greater tilt toward technology and Internet companies.

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