China Internet ETF Celebrates Five-Year Track Record

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Major Milestones for China

“Over the past five years the China internet sector has achieved many significant milestones. In 2013 E-Commerce sales in China reached $296.57 billion surpassing E-Commerce sales in the United States of $262.51 billion for the first time,” said KraneShares. “By the end of 2017, China’s annual E-Commerce sales had nearly quadrupled to $1.14 trillion compared to $453.5 billion in the United States. The current percent of China’s population with internet access is only 52.2% compared to 88.5% in the United States, indicating there is significant room for growth in China’s internet sector.”

Over its five years on the market, KWEB is the best-performing China ETF listed in the U.S., according to Bloomberg data. During that span, KWEB is also the top performer among China region mutual funds with track records of at least five years, according to Morningstar.

KWEB charges 0.72% per year, or $72 on a $10,000 investment.

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