Krane Funds Advisors Launches Core Equity Index ETF, 'KVLE'

Krane Funds Advisors, LLC, the investment manager for KFA Funds and KraneShares ETFs, announced the launch of the KFA Value Line Dynamic Core Equity Index ETF (KVLE) on the NYSE on Tuesday.

KVLE is sub-advised by Lee Capital Management (LCM) and benchmarked to the Value Line Dynamic Core Equity Index, which introduces a market adaptive approach to investing in US large-cap companies. The strategy seeks to capture quality US companies based on a three-factor process that selects stocks among Value Line’s safety and timeliness ranking systems. LCM subsequently applies proprietary quantitative modeling that incorporates a unique set of risk management tools to adjust the overall portfolio’s risk profile based on the market environment.

“Investors rely on Value Line’s time-tested ranks to make decisions with confidence,” said Mitchell Appel, Chief Executive Officer of EULAV Asset Management, the investment manager to the Value Line Funds.” We are pleased to be a licensing partner to Krane Funds Advisors and Lee Capital Management, who serve as advisor and non-discretionary sub-advisor respectively to this new ETF for investors.”

“Today’s markets call for a practical approach to building portfolios. We believe that through quantitative modeling, it is possible to identify when risk outweighs reward in the market,” said Nathan Eigerman, co-CIO at Lee Capital Management.

He continued, “On top of Value Line’s ranking system, we employ a market adaptive approach that seeks to reduce the negative impact of the worst return periods while capturing the expected long-term capital appreciation provided by equities.”

“Partnering with Lee Capital Management for their quantitative approach to risk management and proprietary overlay to the Value Line ranking system distinguishes KVLE from other smart beta strategies,” said Jonathan Krane, CEO of Krane Funds Advisors. “KVLE is an exciting new addition to our KFA Funds line of ETFs.”

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