Buy on both the Dip and on the Pop... Culture

There are lots of heady investment themes clamoring for your hard-earned investment dollars. Yes, AI could be revolutionary. Sure, the arguments around investing in the rise of electric cars have merit. But don’t neglect pop culture. 

No matter how dire geopolitical situations might be, or how sideways the economy could turn, people crave art and entertainment. 

This Swift’s Economic Output Is Much More Than a Modest Proposal 

With lots of prior boyfriends fumbling the ball, Taylor Swift is currently linked to the tightest end in football, Travis Kelce. This could be excellent news for your portfolio, particularly if you are invested in the MUSQ Global Music Industry ETF (MUSQ).  

Swifties know Taylor’s best work comes when relationships go south and her boyfriends no longer belong to her, summers get cruel, and blood goes bad. Investors know that the global music industry has some serious tailwinds, much of it squarely on the shoulders of titans like Swift and Beyonce. Investors also know that the time to invest is before the pop. With breakup rumors currently buzzing around this love story, now might be the time to get in as Swift gathers inspiration for her next big hit. 

Pop Culture and Video Games: Baldur’s Great 

While Swift was romancing a Kansas City Chief, gamers went gaga for a game that let players romance a bear. Not a Chicago Bear, but a literal bear. 

Video games have long outstripped film and television as the most successful lucrative storytelling medium, and 2023 has been a banner year for games. Baldur’s Gate 3, a sequel to a decades-old niche RPG, put in serious time on Steam’s best-seller list.

But there are lots of compelling video games on the horizon, with a sequel to Spider-Man and Alan Wake releasing in a few weeks. Investors who want to level-up their portfolio should consider exploring the open world of gaming ETFs. The VanEck Video Gaming and eSports ETF (ESPO) or the aptly tickered Roundhill Video Games ETF (NERD) could be just the power-ups your portfolio is looking for. Get that loot.

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